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About US

Original online games 100% made in Japan!

We are an online game publisher/developer which has much experience in developing web systems in Japan.

We started our online game business the end of 2010 and we've releasesed our original titiles successfully.
Currently, we are working on new titles and expanding our business to foreign countries.

We have experience in publishing games in Vietnam and Taiwan/HongKong with local partners.
In Vietnam, we got over 200,000 users in the first 5 months, and the numbers are still growing. Our game has become one of the most favorite titles in the region.
And in Taiwan/HongKong, our major title "Shikihime Zoushi" has become one of the high ranked online games in local game portals, and we have attracted over 150,000 users in the first 3 months.

We are searching for partners with experience in local site management and also online payment to increase sour share in various countries.

Corporate Overview
Company NameAppirits Inc.
CEO / PresidentJunji Wada
Date of EstablishmentJuly 18, 2000
CapitalJPY 794 million
Number of Employees186 (as of January 2016)
Primary Business Segments・Planning, development and management of web services and
online games
・Web analytics consulting services
・ASP for web development and sales of packaged services
・Infrastructure maintenance and monitoring of various web services
AddressKyoceraharajuku BLDG., 5F,
6-27-8 Jingumae Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 150-0001
Company History
2000Established by Keio University students
2001Started web integration services
2009Started smart phone app developing services
2010Released the first PC online title “Einherjar”
2011Started offering self-developed PC online games in Vietnam with local partners
Released 2 PC online title “Ougon Kouro” and “Shikihime Zoushi ”
2012Started developing and operating games for other companies
Started offering self-developed PC online games in Taiwan and Hong Kong with local partners
Released PC online title “Hoshiumi”
2013Released 4 PC online titles such as “Shikihime Garden”, “Monster Tamer of Alfheim”

・Deep experience in developing and operating web services smartphone apps

・Expanded domestic and international game business between 2011 and 2013, developed and operated 8 titles in Japan and published 6 titles with our Asian partners abroad


・Releasing games in Europe and South America with our partners

・Started offering smartphone games, now further expanding our international services

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