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The Orbs of Fafnir

The Orb of Fafnir is a mythology browser-based online 3D simulation game. The world is in a chaotic mess because of an evil dragon Fafnir. Join in technical 3D battles, use your great skills and subjugate monsters to save the world.

Title:The Orbs of Fafnir
Genre:3D Simulation RPG
Official Service :Coming soon
Official Site:

Ikusamichi -Crossroad-

Ikusamichi is a Sengoku (ancient war time) browser-based online simulation game. You will lead your strong military in strategic real time battles and dominate the map in the ancient war time.

Title:Ikusamichi -Crossroad-
Genre:Sengoku Simulation
Official Service :September 2016
Official Site:

Goetia - the Infinite Tower

Goetia is a fantasy browser-based online RPG. You are summoned to this new world as a new King candidate on a journey up Goetia - the Infinite Tower. You will experience many great adventures and obtain treasures as you climb up and unfold secrets of the Infinite Tower.

Title:Goetia - the Infinite Tower
Genre:Fantasy RPG
Official Service :December 2015
Official Site:

Soukai no Privateer

The game is a trade and naval battle simulation game set in 16th century, Age of Discovery. Players will take a role of an admiral, commanding a fleet of armed merchantmen for one of the nations. Trade around the world and compete in naval battles to acheive great wealth and sucess in an exciting voyage.

Title:Soukai no Privateer
Official Service :June 2015
Official Site:

Kakuriyo no Mon

Kakuriyo no Mon is a story based MMORPG game. As a novice Onmyoji, with your Shikihime, fight against Ayakashi that appear in various locations and find out about the hidden mystery of Kakuriyo Gate.

Title:Kakuriyo no Mon
Genre:Shikihime MMORPG
Official Service:June 2014
Official Site:"

Monster tamer of Alfheim

Monster tamer of Alfheim is a MMORPG of a monster tamer adventure story. A monster tamer has stood up to end the long lasting war between the Holy Elves and the Evil Dark Elves in the world of Alfheim.

Title:Monster tamer of Alfheim
Official Service :October 2013
Official Site:

Shikihime Garden

Your favorite Shikihimes have come back as a Shikihime raising and miniature garden game! You have decided to open your garden as a resting place for the shikihimes. Develop your very own garden to become a comfortable one for them to rest, relax and prepare for battle against the evil spirits.

Title:Shikihime Garden
Genre:Simulation & Card
Official Service :February 2013
Official Site:

Shikihime Zoushi

Shikihime Zoushi is a strategy simulation RPG staged in Japan during the Heian Period. Players will become an Onmyoji (a practitioner of Onmyodo) and control your Shikihime (a girl character form of magic) to defeat your enemy, and fight other players to take possession of various areas to expand your territory.

Title:Shikihime Zoushi
Genre:Shikihime Strategy
Official Service:November 2011
Official Site: