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Message from CEO

Founded in 2000, our corporate mission is to “Always make Internet services that delight and enrich the world.” We are committed to developing systems that transform our clients' services and the lives of the people who are the end users of those services into something better by making full use of the latest digital technology and creative marketing. Based on this idea, we have undertaken three businesses: 1) Web Solutions business, which involves the full range of client system and application development, from business consulting, planning, design, development to operations; 2) Digital Talent Development and Staffing business, where our engineers are dispatched to companies in the IT industry experiencing a shortage of engineers, to work with them for a certain period to cover their shortage of development staff; and 3) Online Gaming business, where we develop and operate our original games or other companies’ games mainly for smartphones.

In Japan, the Internet industry and online gaming industry, to which the Company and its group of companies (“the Group”) belong, continue to experience a strong trend of new digitalization, which brings about drastic changes to business models and the industry structure through digital transformation (DX), mainly at large companies. There is a solid, evident need to respond to new lifestyles through digitalization, leading companies to expand their investments in information technology (IT). Moreover, the DX market is expected to continue expanding globally.

Given such a business environment, we intend to act as a bridge to DX for our client companies through the three businesses. By doing so, we are determined to enhance the value of their services while continuing to provide services that delight and enrich the end users of such companies.

We would deeply appreciate the ongoing support from our shareholders and investors over the long term as we strive to create new value in the capital markets.

Junji Wada
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Business Overview

Implementing operations focused on the three businesses

Stably operating business Web Solutions business

Appirits is your best partner for digital business transformation.

We conduct large-scale system development that takes full advantage of the cloud environment and provide EC solutions suitable for agility and cost optimization.
We realize the "transformation of corporate business models and business processes," with over 300 engineers having proven ability to get things done.

Stably operating business Digital Talent Development and Staffing

Appirits is your best partner for developing and staffing digital talent.

Utilizing the know-how cultivated in our Web Solutions and Online Gaming businesses, we develop digital talent and dispatch them to the frontlines of development for our clients.
By understanding and maximizing the strengths of our members, we contribute to our clients' businesses and work to achieve further growth for the members.

Growing business Online Gaming

Appirits is your best partner for developing game-related services.

Appirits has more than 10 years of experience in contracted online game development and the planning and operation of games developed and copyrighted independently.
Using in-house-developed engines allows for efficient development and continuous evolution of the game contents.

Company Profile

Company Information

Company name Appirits Inc.
Address Kyocera Harajuku Bldg. 5F
6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Established July 18, 2000
Officers Directors
  • Junji Wada


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Toru Nagayama

    Executive Officer

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Masahiro Kotosaka

    Outside Director

  • Keiko Kawamata

    Outside Director

  • Shinichi Kitagami

    Outside Director

  • Mayu Shono

    Outside Director

  • Jun Mihara

    Corporate Auditor

  • Naohiro Ishigami


  • Eisuke Ito


Share capital 619.69 million yen (as of January 31, 2023)
No. of employees 495 (full-time employees as of January 31, 2023)

Group Companies

Company name Moving Crew Co., Ltd.
Company name Y’s Inc.