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Monster tamer of Alfheim

Monster tamer of Alfheim is a MMORPG of a monster tamer adventure story. A monster tamer has stood up to end the long lasting war between the Holy Elves and the Evil Dark Elves in the world of Alfheim.

Title:Monster tamer of Alfheim
Date of Officeal Service :October 2013
Official Site (Japanese) :

Players will be monster tamers who can communicate with monsters and will face a variety of trials with their monsters that can be obtained during the adventure. Players can combine monsters to make them stronger and make them evolve to new monsters. Customize your home garden with garden ornaments, some ornaments have special effects that will help the progress of the game. Even if you can not log in often, you can utilize the garden raising system and proceed with the game while you are offline. For this title, we appoint up-and-coming voice actresses for character voices!

Go on an adventure
with your monsters!

Raise monsters efficiently
in your garden!

Subdue powerful enemies
together with other players!