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The Orbs of Fafnir

The Orb of Fafnir is a mythology browser-based online 3D simulation game. The world is in a chaotic mess because of an evil dragon Fafnir. Join in technical 3D battles, use your great skills and subjugate monsters to save the world.

Title:The Orbs of Fafnir
Genre:3D Simulation RPG
Official Service :Coming soon
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Experience and select best suited job for battles

In Orb of Fafnir, there are many job types including Fighter, Fencer, Warrior, Priest and Mage. You can change your job freely and your decision on job types is a critical element of this game in order to successfully progress in battles.

Take on exciting 3D active battles required your technique

In Orb of Fafnir battle, there are many special skills such as Guard-Counter, or Shield-Bash and so on. Use your skill set and charge your tension to unleash Ultimate skills. In group battle, there are variety of skill combos which can be used together with other player’s skill simultaneously for greater damage.