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Goetia - the Infinite Tower

Goetia is a fantasy browser-based online RPG. You are summoned to this new world as a new King candidate on a journey up Goetia - the Infinite Tower. You will experience many great adventures and obtain treasures as you climb up and unfold secrets of the Infinite Tower.

Title:Goetia - the Infinite Tower
Genre:Fantasy RPG
Official Service :December 2015
Official Site:

Become a king and protect the world

The game focuses on the player progressing through various Tower Worlds via the Infinite Tower where you encounter a variety of enemies as you progress. Enemies and challenges become increasingly difficult as you climb up the Tower. Without tactics, and a powerful and well-balanced team, you could be annihilated in battle by powerful opposing forces.

Command the Demon Gods and lead them to victory

In Goetia, there are two main types of adventures including Dungeon and Raid Battle. Each has its own unique traits and requires a different approach. Cooperation with other candidates are the key to take advantage to conquer tower worlds. Even in normal dungeon battle you can choose to coop battle with other candidates to complete more efficiently. In raid battles, you can form a coop of maximum 6 players. Together with your Demon Gods and other candidates, set out on an adventure to conquer the tower worlds.