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Ikusamichi -Crossroad-

Ikusamichi is a Sengoku (ancient war time) browser-based online simulation game. You will lead your strong military in strategic real time battles and dominate the map in the ancient war time.

Title:Ikusamichi -Crossroad-
Genre:Sengoku Simulation
Official Service :September 2016
Official Site:

Develop your base and army

In Ikusamichi, developing your base and planning for battles are the essential features in order to succeed in the ancient war time. Build facilities for resources, develop and upgrade army camp, and expand your base to best support your strategy.

Join and win the exciting group battles

The game implements real time active war system where maximum of 200 people can join and move simultaneously in the strategic encampment battle. Communicate with your allies and strategically plan your tactics to capture the enemy’s headquarter Castle.