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Seven Fields

Play a genuine fantasy MMO-RPG on your Browser!
Seven Fields, where 7 Satans have taken over control of the world, people have created an adventurer guild to protect themselves and fight against them. Players will be a member of the guild and go on an adventure fighting these enemies. Depending on the job and race you choose, their growth, skills and magic spells will differ, so you can create your very own original character.

Title:Seven Fields
Genre:fantasy MMO-RPG
Platform:web browser
Date of Official Service:March 2013
Official Site (Japanese) :

Prepare for your adventure at your home

You can switch jobs, equipments, and organize your party at your home. Your party will consist of 3 characters ( you + 2 soldiers you can hire )

Monsters, treasures and other adventurers are awaiting you!!

Help other player’s battles and make a party together

Battles in Seven Fields will be real-time turn based. You can also help other player’s in battles, up to 10 players can join the same battle!

Team up with your guild members and friends to challenge strong monsters and acquire valuable unique items and equipments.