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Shikihime Garden

Your favorite Shikihimes have come back as a Shikihime raising and miniature garden game! You have decided to open your garden as a resting place for the shikihimes. Develop your very own garden to become a comfortable one for them to rest, relax and prepare for battle against the evil spirits.

Title:Shikihime Garden
Genre:a Shikihime raising and miniature simulation game
Date of Official Service :February 2013
Official Site (Japanese) :

Develop your very own miniature garden

Collect Items and set them in the garden for your Shikihimes.

There are many types items you can collect and set in your garden for the Shikihimes. Some food items make them stronger and some ornament items help them grow.

Battle against the evil spirits and Train your Shikihimes

You will be able to use cards of evil spirits you have defeated to fight along with your shikihimes, and also to strengthen them.

Team up with your guild members and friends to challenge strong monsters and acquire valuable unique items and equipments.