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Shikihime Zoushi

Shikihime Zoushi is a strategy simulation RPG staged in Japan during the Heian Period. Players will become an Onmyoji (a practitioner of Onmyodo) and control your Shikihime (a girl character form of magic) to defeat your enemy, and fight other players to take possession of various areas to expand your territory.

Title:Shikihime Zoushi
Genre:Scrolls strategy simulation game
Date of Official Service:November 2011
Official Site (Japanese) :

Turn-based Tactical Battle System!

Like Einherjar, Shikihime-Zoushi Implements a turn-based tactical battle system.

Use your tactics to overcome enemies, and versus player battles.

Enjoy the various battle effects.

Train and Combine your Shikihime

You can combine your Shikihime and summon a new higher-rank Shikihime.

Which will enable you to complete all types of Shikihime!

Combining your Shikihime.