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Soukai no Privateer

The game is a trade and naval battle simulation game set in 16th century, Age of Discovery. Players will take a role of an admiral, commanding a fleet of armed merchantmen for one of the nations. Trade around the world and compete in naval battles to acheive great wealth and sucess in an exciting voyage.

Title:Soukai no Privateer
Date of Official Service:June 2015
Official Site (Japanese) :

Trade and develop your nation and cities

The game implements dynamic real time economy system where value of products change depending on trades made by other players in the market. In order to successfully travel exciting journeys in Soukai, there are many strategic planning required such as selection of sailing routes, formation of trade ships and mates, and making investments to cities you stop by.

Exciting 3D action combat

In Soukai, there are several type of battles including solo, team, nation, auto PVP. Well-planned combat strategy and controlling skills are the key to take advantage of the battles. Practice your smart tactical move and great skills in order to achieve victory in various combats.