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Utsushiyo no Tobari

Utsushiyo is 4th title of Shikihime IP (Japanese theme story based RPG). You will take the journey of subjugating monsters with your favorite Shikihimes. Progress exciting quests and find out the secret of your lost memory.

Title:Utsushiyo no Tobari
Genre:Shikihime RPG
Platform:Android, iOS
Official Service :July 2016
Official Site:

Variety of contents and features to play

In Utsushiyo, there are many Shikihime characters, each has it’s own uniqueness and background stories. Find your favorite Shikihimes and strengthen them by leveling, combining, and evolving. There are also variety of quests available varying in complexity from simple to technical or strategic.

Strategic active turn-base battle

Utsushiyo implements strategic active turn-base battle where units will be able to act once their turns have come. There are two types of battles, solo and coop. For solo, you will need a keen sense of judgement and accurate command technique to complete these battles. For coop, up to 5 teams can participate in battles, combination with other team members is the key to win these battles. Bring your favorite Shikihimes and fight against evil monsters.